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Giving of your time, treasure, and talent

Can you help spread the love?

Donate Cash

Any contribution would greatly contribute toward funding for our local expenses. Donations help keep our organization running and allow us to provide more for the kids such as food, gas, and supplies during our trips. We here at LittleShots greatly appreciate every donation and how much it helps our organization.

The Children Thank You!

Cash Donation


Have Unused or Old Outdoors/Fishing Materials?

Please Consider Donating Items to LittleShots

Running a nonprofit is quite expensive and LittleShots needs your help to continue pursuing its goals in transforming childrens' lives. If you have any spare, or unused outdoors stuff, fishing materials, or sporting goods laying around, we ask that you please consider donating them to our cause.

Below is a short list of items in constant demand here at our organization but anything that you could donate would be greatly appreciated. Donate your items by filling out the Donation Form below.

The Children Thank You!

  • Fishing poles, Reels
  • Hooks, Line, Lures
  • Hiking Gear
  • Binoculars, Cameras
  • Boats, Golf Carts, Coolers


Donate Goods



Do You Have Property or Land You Could Lend?

Lend your land or property to support our mission of serving children

If you have any available land or resources that LittleShots could occasionally use for outdoor trips and events, we would greatly appreciate it. We would always schedule and contact you prior to a visitation and would love to include you as a volunteer when we visit if you are available.

The LittleShots organization teaches its members to respect the environment by cleaning each property visited and by being respectful of the property. We are always looking for new and exciting places that we can teach the children about and can never have enough properties to visit and explore!

The Children Thank You!

Lend a Property



Give away your time to children in need

We are always looking for additional volunteers to help chaperone the kids during activities and trips.

Do you have any special experience, talent, or hobby that you wouldn't mind teaching to the children?

Even if you have no experience you can still participate with the kids and support our staff at anytime. Volunteer now by filling out the form below.

The Children Thank You!

Become a Volunteer

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