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LittleShots in need for Sponsorships from

Caring Individuals, Communities & Businesses

We need as much help and resources possible to help make an impact in childrens lives. All donations are appreciated but we also encourage you to donate available resources such as land, lakes, boats, fishing poles or other sporting materials. LittleShots would love to sponsor you on our website & thank you for your contributions. Please send us an email and include your contact information so that we may give you a call and thank you personally for your efforts.


Why Sponsor LittleShots

There are a lot of costs in our acitivites such as licensing, clothes, hunting tools and accessories and your generosity makes all the difference in the world and will directly impact a child's life. No matter how small the donation, wither it be a cash donation or simply hooks & lures, we encourage you to get involved as soon as possible and help us start changing lives. LittleShots depends on donations and volunteers to operate therefore we make sure to make the most of every donation for the benefit of the kids.


How to get Started

If you or a company you know/work for, would be interested in sponsoring the LittleShots nonprofit charity please send a message at this link below, all donations are tax deductible and a paypal receipt will be included at checkout.

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