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12Stone Church

12 Stone LogoOur Father God is the Creator of this wonderful beautiful world we live in. A church’s worship experience typically reflects the personality of that church. Simply spend an hour with us on Sunday and you will see our passion for dynamic, meaningful worship. The message of our worship is unchanging: God is worthy to be praised and He desires to have an intimate, personal relationship with each of us.


Meltonus sponsor logo 2MeltOnUs was founded in 1998. Since then we have worked on the design and manufacture of compatible equipment for the adhesives application industry. We invite you to browse this wide-ranging catalog of products that we offer our clients today. Our aim is to give the customer the opportunity to choose a quality alternative.


Keystone Industries

Keystone IndustriesFor hot melt replacement parts and hot melt equipment, you need a source you can depend on. With low prices, commitment to quality and superior customer service, you can count on us. Whether you’re looking for a hot melt glue applicator, hot melt glue heads or just about any other type of hot melt adhesive equipment, we’ve got you covered.


Timber Echo

Timber EchoWe view Timber Echo as more than a business opportunity. For us, hunting is our passion  and Timber Echo is the avenue we're choosing to share what we've found to work with other hunters. We want to use Timber Echo as a tool to promote hunting experiences that give ultimate respect to the animals we harvest, the environment in which we hunt them, and praise to the God who created it all, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Doctor Electric

Doctor Electric began in the fall of 1997 with one service truck Doctor electricrunning service calls. Over time Doctor Electric began to grow with the addition of service trucks and personnel. We began to serve more residential service calls, but also started new residential construction and commercial work as well. Our clients now include various agencies and departments of federal, state, and municipal governments and corporations.  




Stephanie Laniewicz

Stephanie, first let us thank you for helping us at LittleShots. The time, effort and dedication you show towarding helping the kids is incredible. Volunteering time is something that anyone can do and really shows how much you care about our cause. Thank you very much Stephanie!

Bill Brookins

Thank you Bill for the generous donation. It is your contributions that allow us to keep changing lives. We appreciate all the help you have given us and wish we could return the favor to everyone.

Marc Carson

Thank you Marc for you support! You are appreciated more than you could know.

Chris Daniels

Chris, you are amazing! Keep up the God Work!